Corporate Photography – Yorkshire Portrait Shoot

I had the pleasure of doing some corporate headshots for Natasha McCreesh’s new website for her business PiP to Grow Strong. which is just about to be launched.  I knew straight away when I met Natasha that the type of photography done needed to match her personality, which is perfect as I’m not a fan of the staid sitting at your desk type of corporate photography – these images tell you nothing about the person being photographed, and would always make alternative suggestions.  The shoot took place at Natasha’s beautiful house in Yorkshire.

Manchester Portrait Photography

Corporate portrait photography, Yorkshire, Uk

1 thought on “Corporate Photography – Yorkshire Portrait Shoot”

  1. Hi Alison,

    I was recommended your services by Vicki from Honest Mum blog..

    I am looking to have some photos done for my website and social media.

    I have put off having them done for some as I have played around with my brand my passion and what message I wanted to share with the world.. After some deep soul searching and some time for self love and self care i feel confident enough and focussed on who I am and what I am about.

    I am just building my blog at the moment but please feel free to have a look to get to know a little about me..

    I know the look and the feel that I am after, it is just very natural fun and quirky really just being myself..

    I would be looking around the end of Jan to have the photos done if possible.. I would be more than happy to come to the studio or if also you could give a costing for a home shoot as i tend to work from home a lot.. I like the ones you did for Pip to grow Strong this is the kind of look I am after..

    My postcode if it was a home shoot is HD8 9GY..

    Many Thanks


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