On being authentic….defining your brand.


It is so important, I think, to be authentic and really define and be clear about your branding when you have a small business.

I have done numerous shoots now for Kate and her family over the last few years and each one has been very different in terms of styling.

Kate has been collecting a set of images that sum up who she is as a brand – a mother, business woman, and inspirational entrepreneur.   Over the years that we have been collaborating on her images, Kate has been developing her brand and working out exactly what it is that she wants to portray in her business  – and it turns out that its the authentic Kate that we needed to see.  Not the one that was trying to be someone or something else.


Here’s Kates business aim:

“My absolute mission is to passionately pioneer human triumph. I am driven by a huge desire to see others identify, pursue and achieve their potential; to empower people to come alive, believe in themselves, fall in love with taking care of themselves and be driven by the desire to love themselves from the inside out. My intention is to infuse people with the inspiration and wisdom they need to take their consciousness to the next level to create a truly extraordinary life filled with authentic happiness, radiant health, whilst unlocking and harnessing their true potential.”

Enjoy. x

business branding portraits


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