The importance of your Headshot

Your headshot is the new handshake. A headshot (or professional portrait) is the way you present yourself to the world, potential employers, clients, customers, and beyond. Since the rise of social media, your headshot is the first impression you give to the people that find you online.

If you don’t have a headshot that you are proud of, you need one.

Below are a few quick tips to consider for putting your best face forward.


I know its not a marathon you are preparing for – but I cant emphasise enough the difference that rest and hydration will make to how you feel about your images.  Tiredness and stress  will show in your face. Along with plenty of rest, be sure to drink plenty of water before your session so you arrive looking fresh and well-rested.

Wear clothes you’re comfortable in

Anytime I don’t feel confident, it’s usually because I’m wearing something I’m not comfortable in. A headshot session is not a fashion shoot or an opportunity to pretend to be someone you’re not.  It is important that your headshot is an authentic representation of who you really are.   Don’t use your shoot as an opportunity to try out a new style.  Definitely treat yourself to something new if you fancy, but make sure you are happy with yourself in that outfit.  Your clothing choice should be appropriate for your profession, your business, your campaign or your potential workplace. Whatever the case, make sure your clothes fit properly! Especially in the arms, chest, and shoulders. Watch for things like visible bra straps and pulling buttons. Choose clothing that compliments your skin tone.

Dark colors, blues, and pastels generally photograph the best. A big no-no is usually large logo’s or anything that distracts from your face!  

Brand photography

Get help!

Make sure you have had your hair done a week or so before the shoot – a radical new haircut is not wise in the days leading up to the shoot!  Have your colour done if that is relevant.  

My advice for makeup application is similar. If you can, have your makeup done professionally. Don’t risk it with a makeup artist you are unfamiliar with or that you’ve never used before. If possible, book a trial run with a new makeup artist before your session, or if you are more comfortable doing it yourself, that’s ok too. Keep things light and soft.

I can always recommend fab stylists to help you out on your shoot .


Planning is key

Plan ahead with everything – your outfits, your hair & make up preparations.  Don’t wait until the last minute to choose your top or decide which lipstick to wear.   


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