Why join a Shoot Subscription?

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Last month saw a group of us meet up in city centre Manchester for the first Shoot Subscription day of 2021.    Here, in Manchester we have hardly been out of lockdown for a year, so congregating around a bench in St Peters Square with our takeaway coffees is the new normal!!  

It was eerily quiet in the city centre – but perfect for a shoot, with less passers by to nosy at what we were doing – or get in the way of shots!  

The beautiful architecture of Central Library and the Town Hall are a perfect backdrop and in the first month we thought about updating headshots and getting used to the idea of having your photograph taken.  

Having a monthly mini shoot means that you will have a steady supply of on brand images that are new to your customers and clients.  Each month we will be at a different location in and around Manchester. 

This month we are heading to Dunham Massey for a total contrast to the city location.  As lockdown is easing we may even get to sit down with our coffee!! What a treat! 

The regular shoots will allow you to grow with confidence in front of the camera and adjust styles and ideas as we go along. It’s also a great way to network with other local business owners away from the formal networking setting.    

We have a dedicated Facebook group to keep in touch in between shoots, with guest experts popping in.  It’s a rolling Subscription, so if you fancy joining us, get in touch! 

Behind the scenes images kindly taken by http://www.instagram.com/misschiefcreative

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