Twelve months of Shoot Subscriptions….

A year ago in a deserted Manchester city centre, I met up with four brave clients around a taped off bench.  We chatted and drank our take-away coffees….Manchester was under a partial lockdown – but I could shoot outside….so the Shoot Subscription began.  It’s grown a bit since then….I now have over 30 women in my Manchester Subscription, which runs over 2 days each month.  I have another monthly group on Merseyside, and quarterly groups around the country… In Bristol, Yorkshire, Midlands, Buckinghamshire, and soon to start in North Wales and Scotland. 

What started out as an easy option for business owners needing a top up of images at an affordable price has grown into so much more than that!  It has been described as a sisterhood…a tribe of like-minded women.  Business collaborations have been born at a subscription day, friendships forged and advice and inspiration shared.   At the heart of the subscription though is still the same intention – to help other business owners… 

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