Guest Blog – Lucy Patel – The Power of a Picture

Starting a business has been nothing like I expected it to be.   After spending four years qualifying as a Nutritionist, I was raring to go and excited to start helping people.  The reality has been somewhat different; the time, effort and patience needed to develop and grow my brand, get out there and known to the people I want to help, has been hard!
Thankfully I started the work to develop my brand several months before launching my business;  I spent a lot of time really thinking about the type of practitioner I wanted to be, and very soon decided I really wanted to help busy, modern day Mums who feel they have no time to look after themselves.  So, I knew who my ideal clients were, tick!  I then started developing my ‘brand’, which to me (back in April 2021), meant choosing some nice colours for my website and a great logo. Another tick! 
I had never really considered the real power behind professional photos.  I had seen hundreds of websites with attractive but uninspiring images, and I’m sure I’ve come across the same stock images several times on different sites.  This made me realise that if I were to truly connect with my audience, authentically and personally, I needed images of my own.  That was how I was really going to gain the trust of my clients, to show them who I was, my “why”.   And with my own photos, I could tell this story, and really build my brand.
I spoke to three photographers in my quest for the right photographer for me, all with great credentials and attractive portfolios.  So why did I go with Ali?  I’m sure she won’t mind me saying – she wasn’t the cheapest! And this was another lesson – you get what you pay for. And I absolutely did. First of all, our first interaction was on Zoom, not on the telephone. This resulted in an immediate connection and a much more genuine interaction. Secondly, she made me think hard about what I wanted to get out of the photoshoot in advance. No standard head shots or random/awkward poses; she made me consider my clothes, props, the message I wanted to convey, the style I wanted to communicate to my audience. It was so much more than paying for a photoshoot; it was a lesson in how to use photos to the max to promote my brand and put my most genuine persona forward.
I was absolutely delighted with the result;  I’ve used my photos from Ali on my website, my social media, I have seasonal shots and themed shots for using at specific times of the year. I am excited to join Ali’s subscription service in the coming months too to keep my photos fresh, relevant and relatable to my audience. If you are looking for a no-nonsense, experienced, insightful photographer to help you really communicate what you do and who you are – look no further!
Lucy is a Registered Nutritionist and Health Coach, specialising in supporting women regain their energy, confidence and passion for life after having children.
She runs a Health MOT service for those wanting to stay on the front foot with their health, and 12 week Nutrition Programmes for those needing more bespoke support with specific conditions and symptoms. You can contact Lucy at, follow her at @lucypnutrition or visit her website
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