Guest Blog Post – Sue France talks about the Shoot Subscription

Attending an Ali Groves monthly Subscription Shoot is important for me, for more than one reason. 
Ali organises her subscription days in a way which allows you time to meet new people and rekindle old connections in a relaxed easy way. Ali herself is very chilled but focussed and you soon learn to mingle without getting in her way. Occasionally she will say “Sue you are in shot” and you have to scuttle out of the way, but this is done calmly and the work continues.
The secret to enable you to achieve a successful subscription shoot result is advance planning on your part. Think about your website and your business and your branding and decide which photos you need to plug the gaps and also think about future advertising campaigns. Ali can’t second guess what is going on in your head although she can convert your concept into an imaginative photo. I saw this at first hand today when Karen Taylor wanted photos with her book. Ali gathered some of us together, each holding the book and wearing colours from the cover and she thought of a fun way of capturing the moment.
With over 1000 members on my business networking Facebook group, it’s hard to keep up with everyone and when I actually meet the members at my events, I rarely get to chat to them as I am always dashing around. It’s lovely to see some of these people on shoot days and get a chance to catch up . 

I am part of the Manchester Subscription, and since these started in March this year, these shoot days have expanded to Liverpool, Bristol, Midlands, Newcastle, North Wales/ Chester and Buckinghamshire – with more planned for 2021.  They grow organically as everyone who attends enjoys them so much that they spread the word.  My shoot day begins with Katie Webster collecting me. Katie is a business strategist and on the drive to Manchester I put my business problems to Katie and she gives me the benefit of her invaluable advice. Luckily Katie mainly endorses my ideas. It’s good to have a sounding board especially as she believes in me and supports me, by the time we have reached the shoot, I am already buzzing and full of confidence.

We arrive at the stunning house owned by Michelle Brookes whom I am excited to learn is part of my group. The first shoot is in full swing and Katie was booked in for professional make up by Laura Ireson.

 You get three other people on your shoot time and luckily for me Jemma Mumford and Kate Hughes are on the first scheduled shoot. Jemma is modelling at my next event and Kate has donated a beautiful heart pendant for the auction. The theme of my event is red and sparkly and as if by magic, Hayley Brown is there with her Style Sister range and is able to lend Jemma a gorgeous red jumper for a shot posing with Kate’s necklace for my flyer.

The next session involved Karen Taylor, Hayley Brown and I. As well as our individual shots we were able to combine photos for all three of us. I am involved with Karen’s Book “101 business tips “As the tips were originally the weekly tips Karen gave on my page , I was keen for lots of promotional photos with Karen and the book.

Brand Photography

When my part was over I waited for Katie who was next to be photographed and this gave me a chance to talk to Julie Elder. Julie has been in my group for a long time and I have even bought my yoga mat from her. It was wonderful to meet her at last. The same with Christine Kenny.

Kerry Daynes arrived. Now I have met Kerry a few times and she was a wonderful guest speaker at my Literary Lunch in October, so it was good to see her in these informal surroundings.

I also loved chatting to Sam Griffiths whom I met on my first shoot and even managed to sell her one of Karen’s books.

As we were leaving I just had time to say hello to Mandy Wong Oultram. I have mentored Mandy in the past and I am very proud of her drive to be visible. She has appeared in national magazines this year with her fitness advice and I know she has a bright future ahead. Being an ex graphic designer she really makes use of her brand photographs, converting them and using them in so many different ways and she is a perfect subscriber for Ali’s shoots.

The influence of Ali’s shoot continued as we headed into Wilmslow for lunch. The makeup artist at the shoot had recommended a restaurant called Juniper.  We had a perfect lunch there. Katie was still wearing full model make up with extra thick long false eyelashes and a few people were looking at her trying to see if she was someone from Cheshire Housewives!  

We came home refreshed and satisfied in the knowledge that we would have some excellent photographs to use as a result of our wonderful and productive day out. 





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